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Walk out of The Library Building, turn left and walk five minutes to find yourself in
the restful parkland on Clapham Common,
one of London’s largest communal
green spaces.

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Living the city life is all well and good, but now and then those living it need to get away from it all. The Library Building is only a five-minute stroll from Clapham Common (with shops en route for Sunday papers and something cold to drink). The common is one of London’s great communal parks, with 220 acres of tree-lined grassland and three ponds – two of which can be fished. It’s one of those parks in which you can always find a quiet space, but also a place where people congregate. In the summer, the area around The Windmill pub on the common’s South Side becomes a huge temporary beer garden, a fine place for a drink in the sun. In recent years, the common has hosted weekender festivals, including the electronic music event South West Four and the more eclectic Ben & Jerry’s Sundae Festival. Festival weekends aside, Clapham Common is an urban oasis, a place to escape to only moments away from The Library Building.

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